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Monday, August 15, 2005
WIPRO Corporate Quiz (Finals)

        The First ever Corporate Quiz conducted by myself within the WIPRO Campus, albiet there weren't much worthy competition to note across, the audience participation were sometimes quite endagering the Questions, and had a tough time keeping the enthusiasm of these guys at a pretty lower Level.. But neverthless, shall remember this Quiz primarily as it was done for a pre-cursor to TATA crucibles being held at Chennai the same time... and found an amazing group of Quizzers within Chennai ...
         This is most probably not very much original Stuff, cause we just had 2 days and I didn't have any time to scan around my own data-base, so went across to switch loads of them from Quiznet,etc... but the outcome was nonetheless Amazing... Check them out, and who knows if you could also use them for any Corporate Quiz.

Round 1: BiZ-Connect

1) Connect the following :-
           a. Common Man
           b. “Flying for Everyone”
           c. Southwest Airlines
           d. G.R.Gopinath

Ans: Deccan Airlines.
Southwest Airlines (US).Founded in Dallas Texas on June 18, 1971 by Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines offered tickets that worked out to be cheaper than a car or coach ride. First pioneering the World’s First Low cost Airline.

Titanic the ship
Rubber Tyres
Milk of Magnesia
NRI Lord of British empire and of hotel business
The first three connects the city with one of their milestone events in their respective history of evolution. The city is of course the centre of operation of the NRI Baron..

 Name the city
Well the answer is Ireland's BELFAST. This is the city where Titanic was built,
J B Dunlop did his bits on pneumatic rubber tyres and Milk of Magnesia was
formulated by Sir James Murray. This is the place of operation of LORD DILJEET
RANA. HCL has a huge BPO operation in Belfast.

The connect is :
- I made madonna famous
- I made hotmail hot
- I made pizza go tandoori
- The official trouser has finally met its match
Which brand inserted the above adlines ?

 answer is INDIAN TERRAIN.

4) See the following contents of three ads :

- We know! Ms Rina Seshadri prefers dancing to bowling
- We know! Mrs Malini Sharma likes a dash of lemon juice in her russian salad
- We know! Mr Sunil Mahadevan travels J class, desires aisle seat and has only jain food

Which brand advertised them ?

The right answer is TOYOTA.

5) which no.1 brand can you relate with the following : (Non-Indian)

Yana Gupte, holy scripture, Amrita Arora, buddhist goddess of mercy

The answer is CANON. The name 'Canon' comes from the word 'Kwannon' who is Buddhist goddess of mercy. The word 'Canon' means 'holy scripture'. Yana Gupta and Amrita Arora endorses Canon's specific products in India. The Red logo of Canon was a big clue.

7)Fruit for the hair, 787, Sunflower, Mac, hydraulic cylinders

The answer is WIPRO.
Fruit for the hair : that's what Wipro's 'Shikakai' means
787 : Wipro's Laundry soap
Sunflower : Wipro's vegetable oil
Mac : Wipro-GE's ecg machine
Hydraulic Cylinder : Wipro Fluid Power product


8)What kind of produce are the followings ?
 Deep Secret, Sexy Rexy, Kiss of Fire, Young Mistress, Burning Desire, Bridal Blush
 Clue ? These are all exported from India.

Well the answer is they are the names of different variety of roses.

1. Ambition never comes to an end - Yoshida Kenko
2. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step - Lao Tse
3. The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going - Anonymous
4. I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards - Abraham Lincoln

Well the answer is JOHNNIE WALKER.

10)What governmental / federal honour / recognition connects the following physicists :

Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Neils Bohr, Nicholus Copernicus and Lord Ganesh.
Clue : Think world of commerce / finance .....

The correct answer was All the above physicists were honoured by the respective governments by printing currency notes with their portrait. Neils Bohr has been portrayed on Danish 500 Kroner, Albert Einstein on Israeli 5 pound, Copernicus on Polish 1000 Zolty and Benjamin Franklin on US$ 100. The list is of course not an exhaustive one. 'Currency note' is an anagram of 'one cent curry'. Lord Ganesh appears in the currency Note of 20,000 Rupiah Note of Indonesia.

11. With what can you connect the following for originating theories governing its behaviour :
 Snow, Skirt, Lipstick, Superbowl

The answer is US STOCKMARKET.

There are theories connecting the above regarding up / down movement of us
stockmarket indices.
Boston Snow theory says if there is good snowfall in Boston, stockmarket is going to be bullish.
Skirt length theory says skirt length goes short when the stockmarket is strong
Lipstick theory says lipstick consumption goes high in a dull market as people do not spend on costlier alternatives.
Superbowl theory connects win of NFL team to higher stockprice and vice versa for NFL teams.

 12) Connect the following adlines with an Indian Corporation.
- because Bridgette Bardot isn't the only french must see.
- discover the rarest treasure - yourself
- monday - french leave
weekend - make a french friend
- why do more men turn up with a french beard on mondays ?

Round 2: What's the Good word

1. Phrase origin:
In Ancient Pennsylvania,(When Dracula’s Still Roamed); Taverns (Old Age Pubs) used to offer Sandwiches along with Beer, which they buy from the tavern. Pretty Soon, When Pennsylvania outlawed the practice of free sandwiches to the customers in taverns who bought beer there to drink, a new english phrase was born. What ?

Ans : 'There is no free lunch'

2. This corporate jargon related to hostile take over was first coined by Lewis Carroll in his book ‘Through the looking glass’. Name it.
Ans : White Knight

3. What is the phrase for the downward trend in productivity between the times when a disgruntled employee mentally checks out from the production line and when he finally leaves the organization ?
Ans : Warm-chair attrition

4. Coming to ad world, what is ‘intermercial’ ?
Ans : A web advertisement with dialogue and motion video.

5. If your boss is gladhanding people, what is he doing.
Ans : Shaking Hands

6. In corporate jorgan, what is "Silver Ceiling" ?
Ans : Restriction of promotion due to higher age.

7. Which term, was framed by Philip Koetler along with Sidney Levy, which means to dissuade a customer from buying a product.
Ans : De-marketing

8. Line56 is a supply chain magazine (business to business). Why the odd name Line56? The name is not so odd if you get the answer Ans: 56th line in William Shakespeare's [Hamlet]. "To be, or not to be: that is the question"

 9. if Monopoly is one Seller what is Monosopy ?
one Buyer..

 10.How much uptodate are you in current lingos ?
What is the buzzword for the dancelike movement that is seen in a public place when a cell phone rings in somebody’s pocket and everybody wants to reach his /her cell phone in his coat / trouser / shirt pocket ?

Ans : Cellular Macarena

 11. What is meant by the term , “Green Mailing” ?
Ans: It refers’ to having control over a company’s Board of Directors by using the simple Fact that they own quite a considerable share of the Company’s Stocks.

12. In Stock Market Parlance, what is a “Evening Out”?
Ans: Related to the Terminology of Selling Stocks in the Last Minute of the Stock Market Trading.

ROUND 3: SUPER-BRANDS [there shall be a brief description of the brand after which the Particpants have to Describe the Product]

  1. The idea was conceived in 1983 by two friends, Clyde Cooper and
    Khushroo Dubash (Graduate of Mumbai University) in a cafeteria. Driven by enterprise and ambition they came up with the idea of starting a courier service that would deliver documents and sample shipments overnight to international and domestic destinations. What enterprise are we talking about ?
    Ans : Blue Dart Express.

2. Some malted barley, pinches of wheat flour with a dash of evaporated milk is considered the the recipe of success by Mr James ______. Give me the surname or the brand.

Ans: Glaxo SmithKline (also markets Boost Viva and Maltova) Horlicks. (Trivia: Did you know that Horlicks is sold as a Sleep inducing Drink at UK ?? with the caption, “Sleep Better Feel Better”)

3. The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce was an English periodical
founded by a British syndicate of eleven firms, a doctor and two
barristers. Absorbing The Bombay Standard in December 1859, and
another local newspaper ; The Telegraph and Courier in June 1861, the
volatile nomenclature of the newspaper was established and it finally
became ______________ in September that year. Name the newspaper.
its founder, Aroon Purie. Has virtually no experience in journalism but he created a new brand of journalism. Name the magazine.

Ans: Times of India.

4. `Sparkling clean glamourooms' is the mantra that inspires this
sanitary giant. From basins to closets, to fittings and bathroom
accessories this name is synonymous with glamorous and innovative
products in the market today. Name the sanitary brand.

Ans: Murugappa Groups EID Parry’s.

. This newspaper began in 1888 as a four page weekly published every
Saturday and became a daily 40 years later.Its logo is a slight
variation of The Royal Coat of Arms which was awarded by the Maharaja
of Travancore. In 1938 the government closed down this newspaper and
jailed the editor for reporting police firing on freedom fighters.
Publishing was resumed only after India became free.
Ans:Malayala Manorama

6. This car brand sold its second 100,000th car in a record period ofless than 18 months. _______ Club is the largest brand loyalty
programme in the Indian car industry. Just name the car.

Clue: This Car is also sold as City Rover in the UK market (Tata and MG Rover have taken the Diesel version of the Car)
Ans: Tata Indica

Round 4: One word (The Participants have to give the One word connect to all the Clues)

1)Which six letter word ( a group brand ) can be used as prefix before all the following words to give group companies :

Blue, Cola, mobile, wine, america

The answer is VIRGIN. Add this label in the front and you'll get five of the
many virgin units of Sir Richard Branson.

2) Which six letter word fits well before each of the following to give products of a famous orgaisation :

Akshaya, Rekha, Kishore, Chhaya

Well the answer is JEEVAN
Jeevan Akshaya, Jeevan Rekha, Jeevan Kishore, Jeevan
Chhaya are different policies of LIC.


3) What 7 letter brand comes to your mind when you see the following :

 warrior, perfect, fortune, tiptopp

Well the answer is LIBERTY. All the above are names of shoes manufactured by Liberty Shoes.

4)What seven letter word comes to your mind when you see the following :

 Chicago, Talisker, Memphis, Eagle

The answer is 'WINDOWS'. They are the codenames of diff. versions of Microsoft WINDOWS.
 Chicago ( windows 95 ), Talisker ( windows CE 3.0 ),
Memphis ( windows 98 ), Eagle ( windows 2000 patch edition )

7) Which brand has / had the following posttags to offer its four variants :
Sports, Weekend, Adventure, Regular ( no tag )
Answer is FIAT PALIO.

8) Which financial Organization comes to your Mind when we talk about
Travancore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Indore, Bikanager & Jaipur, Saurashtra, Maharastra, Patiala


The remaining rounds including Quick Fire  and  Ad-lines cannot be enclosed as they are not being displayed properly...


Posted at 07:08 am by deepak1283

shalwar kameez
July 1, 2014   08:34 AM PDT
Thanks for sharing such a fastidious opinion, paragraph is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely
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July 1, 2014   08:33 AM PDT
You described it very beautiful. your writing style grabbed my intentions,would love to read more about it… 
December 31, 2005   06:51 AM PST
the content is awsome,i should appreciate audio question,

good collection.Keep it up.

November 29, 2005   10:59 AM PST
all questions are direct lift and u cannot do much because of the interest levels in Wipro,a rank bad company.I say this because i was also a former employee of this nonn sense organisation.
Debabrata Mohanty
October 24, 2005   10:07 AM PDT
Hey.. your question as well as answers to this question are wrong and utterly confusing. Aroon Poorie founded India Today and not Times of India. The whole question is so jumbled..

The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce was an English periodical
founded by a British syndicate of eleven firms, a doctor and two
barristers. Absorbing The Bombay Standard in December 1859, and
another local newspaper ; The Telegraph and Courier in June 1861, the
volatile nomenclature of the newspaper was established and it finally
became ______________ in September that year. Name the newspaper.
its founder, Aroon Purie. Has virtually no experience in journalism but he created a new brand of journalism. Name the magazine.
Ans: Times of India.
September 6, 2005   03:30 AM PDT
Hi Anand,
Please do read the initial part, I have clearly stated that most of the content were gleamed from Quinkie and Quiznet..
Yes, I guess I could have mentioned the appropriate authors..
Thanks for pointing it out..
August 29, 2005   11:41 PM PDT
Most of the questions seem to be direct lifts from the Biz Connect series of Mr Sudip Roy. I would appreciate if you do your own research and come up with your set of questions. if you are using someone's questions, at least try to acknowledge the original author.
Tanvir Singh
August 28, 2005   12:38 PM PDT
amazing content......keep up the good wrk
August 27, 2005   07:57 AM PDT
Questions are awesome but the template is really bad....Had to really strain my eyes to read them
August 26, 2005   06:17 AM PDT
great questions!!!

pls do something to increase readability in the website, though
August 23, 2005   06:03 PM PDT
Dude, the template is pretty bad. It's almost impossible to read anything

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