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Friday, August 12, 2005
WIPRO Corporate Quiz (PRELIMS)

        The First ever Corporate Quiz conducted by myself within the WIPRO Campus, albiet there weren't much worthy competition to note across, the audience participation were sometimes quite endagering the Questions, and had a tough time keeping the enthusiasm of these guys at a pretty lower Level.. But neverthless, shall remember this Quiz primarily as it was done for a pre-cursor to TATA crucibles being held at Chennai the same time... and found an amazing group of Quizzers within Chennai ...

First the Set of Prelims Questions :- (Most of the Questions were Drawn across from various Quizzing Forums )

Recently an author, Bertrand Beyern was in the news only for the reason that he authored the book " Guide to celebrity tombstones " where in he mentions all the celebrity cemeteries. In one of the chapters he mentions that Jim Morrison, the singer for "The Doors" is buried in " Pere Lachaise " cemetery in paris. An indian celebrity is also buried at the same cemetery & is also mentioned in the book. Identify the celebrity.
ANS: J.R.D.TATA (Jehangir Ratanji Dadhabouy)

2) This imaginary line passes through the head quarter of Swatch company and is the basis of a new time system devised by swatch for their new watches. What is this new time system known as ?
Ans : Internet Time (IMT)

3) Which publication gives Pegasus award for best ads in their editions every year ?
Ans : Reader’s Digest

4) This list is about most insurance losses of the year 2004 :

Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Charley
?  Tsunami
Hurricane Frances
Hurricane Jeanne

What is missing at the third place ?

5) What is the generic term for tablets coated with sugar or sugarlike substitutes ? Clue : Adam’s New York no.1.
Ans : Chiclets
, Adam’s New York No.1 is the first chiclet

6)What are the followings :
thursday the 12th, friday the 13th, saturday the 14th, sunday the 15th
( Two Word Connect)
Ans : Computer Virus

7) What are 3S of Samsung after sales ?
Ans : Speed, Smile and Sure

8) A desi one. 'Simply colourful' and “Padharo mhare des”is the base line of which state tourism department?  (Clue : Palace on Wheels)
Ans: Rajasthan Tourism

9) Hyndai: GETZ :: MARUTI : ??

10)Match the following adlines to the apparels : (Mark the answers with the Ad line)
(Total 5 = 10 * .5)
 1. Inspired Workwear            -a
2. Perform under pressure     -f
3. Honestly Impressive          -c
4. Shirts with bite                   -d
5. Sharp, smooth, sure           -h

Apparel brands to be matched :
a. Indian Terrain
b. Arrow
c. Peter England
d. Sting
e. Indus Valley
f. Vivaldi
g. Oxemberg

h. Tibre


11) Inspired by the Previous Question, answer with proper Companies which are associated with the Ad-lines...  (Total 5 = 10 * .5)
1. Inspiring confidencs ( automobile ) : BAJAJ AUTO
2. Inspired workwear ( apparel ) : INDIAN TERRAIN
3. Inspiration technology ( computing ) : COMPAQ
4. Inspire the next ( multi discipline ) : HITACHI
5. Inspired engineering ( automobile ) : WAGON R
6. The name inspires trust ( mutual fund ) : BIRLA MUTUAL
7. Stay inspired ( hotel ) : PARK HOTEL
8. Inspired ( business group ) : MAHINDRA
9.Be inspired ( mobile phone ) : SIEMENS
10.Inspired living ( consumar durable ) : HAIER


12) She has completed 30 years of hoarding campaign in India?
Amul Girl

13) The teaser was what comes next in the series ?

TFP, FP, OR, TR, ?
Clues: Think finance, metal connection and circular.
Ans: FR (The answer goes like: Twenty Five Paise, Fifty Paise, One Rupee, Two Rupee, and then Five Rupee (FR))

 14)Under which brand name, does Mavalli Tiffin Room sell all their products all over India?
Ans : MTR

15) What brand name did inter-brand wood , a company which designs brand names design for Pfizer?  (Clue: Sildenafil citrate, now that’s a Sitter)
Ans : Viagra

16) After WW II, assets of Nazi era, chemical company IG Farben were transferred to Agfa, BASF, Hoechst and which other company?
Ans : Bayer

17) In order to avoid any changes to its name due to regional factors this  organization(which measures everything) took its name from the Greek word for equal
Ans: ISO

 18) DAN BROWN special - According to "Da Vinci Code" which group of People were responsible for starting the theory of Mordern Banking ?
Ans: The Templar Knights.

19) Author of “Text book of Wisdom”
Ans: Edward De BONO

20) Now …. one straight from India.
Which company has obtained India’s first DTH license ?
Ans : ZEE TV

21) The Power of Brand Imagery…. Every time you mention, “THE COMPLETE MAN” , the image of Raymond’s Suiting comes fresh and stark across each of our Minds. Now the Question which I need the answer is , “Which year is mentioned in the Raymond Logo” ?
Ans :  1925

 22)The famous brand, when tried in London hospitals for the first time in the nineteen  thirties, reduced the maternity deaths of the women to half. The Doctors hailed this as a wonder product. Which brand?
Ans : Dettol

23)Pamela Anderson wanted to insure this for a million dollar. What?
(Clue: we need the latest one)
Ans :
To insure her voice. She wanted to become the wake up voice of the universe through telephone.

     a.NASDAQ :
National Association of Security dealers Automated Quotation
     b. SEBI        : Securities and Equities Bureau of India

25) There was a major fiasco at the United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis a week ago. Which tyre brand was involved?
Ans: Michelin

26) Which Indian product was first launched under the name 'Jaffe' with limited success? Now the company's image is strongly linked to current brand name. (Think in 2’s : like say Karishma and Kareena)

27) "Give people a taste of Old Crow and tell them it's Old Crow. Then give them another taste of Old Crow, but tell them it is Jack Daniel's. Ask them which they prefer. They'll think the two drinks are quite different. They are tasting images." Who said it? A legend of his field
The Frued in Ad-marketing..
Ans: David Oligvy

Posted at 10:10 am by deepak1283

March 12, 2007   11:00 AM PDT
Nice Trivia. thanks! for posting
August 23, 2005   07:18 PM PDT
Pathetic. The English and the questions themselves.

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