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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Hindu School Quiz

Hindhu School Quiz

My Alma-matter and one of the finest Quiz which myself and Yeda conducted ... but there was a slight lower turn-out than Shishya, this was especially due to the untimely hour (we were asked to conduct an intellectual simulating event at around 5:00 pm). When we started, there were requests to end the Quiz before 6 pm, but then we went on to almost 6:30 and the audience were still waiting for another round... so that was the final Icing in the CAKE.

General Round (2 Questions concerning the same event)

Audience Question (Starter)
1) a. Which Book starts with the following Lines, “It was nearing midnight and the Prime Minister was sitting alone in his office, reading a long memo that was slipping through his brain without leaving the slightest trace of meaning behind”
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
b. If Bloomsbury publications is in charge of Marketing and Distribution of HP and the Half Blood Prince in UK, Australia and Britian; Who is their Indian Counterpart?

Penguin Publications

2) a.This annual event was started as a publicity event for the newspaper L'Auto (presently known as the L'Equipe) by its editor and co-founder, Henri Desgrange alongwith jouranlist Géo Lefèvre to rival another event sponsored by a rival journal. The event proved a great success for the newspaper and circulation leapt from 25,000 before to 65,000 after it. The event continues even today and is organised by the Amaury Organisation (ASO), which is a part of the media group that owns l'Équipe. Which event is being talked about ?
Tour De' France.
b. Lance Amstrong created History when he won the Seventh Consecutive Tour-De-France Title by leading his runner up by a mere 23 Seconds. Now all I need to know is the number of stages in this Epic Cycling Event ?
21 Stages (from Fromentine to Corbiel Essones)

3)a. Mahabharata refers to the area as "Goparashtra" or "Govarashtra", which means a nation of cowherds. "Gopakapuri" or "Gapakapattana" were used in some ancient Sanskrit texts, and these names were also mentioned in other sacred Hindu texts such as the Harivansa and the Skanda. Also referred to as as "Gomanchala".Identify this tourist destination.
b. Which Indian Vehicle is being Marketed in the European Market as “Goa”, as according to it’s Vice President the Term Goa highlights  and is currently thinking of having it’s Pakistan prescence felt ?
Mahindra’s Scorpio (They are also entering Pakistan’s Market with the same name)

 4) a. Which famous Incident was being described in the Newspapers as , “The Pigeon Picked it’s 500” ?
Glenn McGrath picked up his 500th Test wicket by dismissing Marcus Trescothick with the first ball after tea on day one of the first Ashes Test at Lord's.
b. Related to the Ashes : For the first time an award which is named in honor of former England batsman Denis Compton and ex-Australia all-rounder Keith Miller, who played in 57 Ashes Tests.Compton scored 1,842 of his 5,807 Test runs in 28 games against the old enemy. Miller took 87 of his 170 Test wickets, including his best bowling figures of 7-60, and scored 1,511 of his 2,958 runs in his 29 Ashes appearances. Name the Award and also Who shall receive the award ? (Note: I am not referring to the name of the player)
The Player of the Series in the Ashes battle between England and Australia will win the Compton-Miller Medal.

5) a. Which recently released Album features Tracks such as “My Beautiful Woman”, “Siberia”, ”Weird World” and “Poster Girl” and Produced by Stalwarts such as Max Martin; Billy Mann (who worked with both Pink and Sting) John Shanks (Grammy award winner), Ashlee Simpson and Alanis Morisette among the rest.
BackStreet Boys “Never Gone”
Of course the remaining more popular Tracks include “Incomplete” and “Lose it all”

b. Talking about repeated successful Albums, this band definitely comes to everyone’s mind.
Having Members whose names are as Quixotic as their music, ie. Will-i-am, apl-de-ap and Taboo. Their First Album Debut was, “Behind the Front” and later had Kim Hill for their Next album, “Bridging the Gap” and of course their second last Album until now, “Elephunk” …
Enough History;  Now name their latest Album?

Ans: Monkey Business, Black Eyed Peas

 6)a. History of Chennai : Andrew Cogan and Francis Day, two officers of the East India Company, recommended the area be developed as the future headquarters of the East India Trading Company in South India.Cogan and Day identified a large area where a plantain garden was flourishing under the stewardship of a Portuguese family for the company fort. The plantain garden and the surrounding area were occupied and cultivated by a Catholic, named Madarasan. In the negotiations with Madarasan to secure the lease for this place, Madarasan demanded that the place where they planned to build the factory town should be named after him (Madarasan Patanam).Thus the land where Fort St. George was built was called Madarasan and later Madaras and then Madras and currently Chennai. Now I want you to let me know the approximate week when the Founding day of Chennai is celebrated ?
Aug 22nd – 28th
b. This madras Based Company or rather Group has recently been awarded Distinguished Family Business Award, by International Management Organization.
Though they may be Madras-headquartered one, they still considers its origins in the village of Chettinad, Pallathur, home and, whenever they gather there, they effortlessly slip into local tradition. But for all the family's conservativeness, they have also had a reputation for aggressive takeovers, the Parry takeover the best known of them. Name this Group which gave Parry Corner the Name ?
Muruggappa Group

 7) a. This Lovely Music (If you could hear properly,ie) is said to have inspired the Ad Jingle for Idea Cellular. I need you to name the original composer of this piece (ie, the one in Kannada)
b. Released on April 14, 2005. With big names like Stephen Schwatz, Richard King(5 time Grammy winner for sound) performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra and produced by Tamil Maiyam. The Proceeds of this album is supposed to be donated to the educational rehabilitation of Children orphaned or affected by Tsunami. What am I talking about ?
Thiruvasagam by Illayaraja

Round 2:
Indians (4 Clues and they have to Guess the Personality) [1 Individual per Team]

 (1)   Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

 Clue 1: Born in 1956 in Papanasam, India, He studied with many renowned spiritual masters and became a scholar of Vedic Literature. By the age of seventeen, he obtained an Advanced Degree in Modern Physics.Who am I talking about?
Clue 2: Also a famous writer, whose articles across Tamil and English magazines have spawned amazing Fervor. His famous prophetic Words are, “We identify ourselves as somebody - I belong to this religion, this culture, this tradition, but we forget the basic identity that we are human beings. When that stands first and foremost, all other identities follow behind that. Then, I think that we can achive what we are really looking for.".. Quite Profound!!
Clue 3: Was awarded the Bharath Shiromani Award this April 20 by the Home Minister Shivraj patil, for his Intense Humanitarian Work. He holds the distinction of being the only non-Western member of the Council of the Divinity School at Yale University in the United States. He was also a guest speaker at the Millennium World Peace Summit during the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in New York. He is cofounder of the IAHV (International Association for Human Values), an international nonprofit organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
Clue 4: He cognised the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique. And then set up the Art of Living (AOL) organisation to spread the Sudarshan Kriya around the world..

 (2)   Milind Soman

Clue 1: He was born in Scotland and lived in England for seven years before moving to India. He is a Maharastrian Brahmin by birth , who began his career as an Electrical Engineer.
Clue 2: He was rejected by Graveria Suitings because they felt that he was to young to wear a suit!! His big break came, when he was offered a modeling assignment. He made his acting debut in an English  tele-serial, “A Mouthful of Sky”. Then in a period drama 'Noorjahan'. He first Bollywood debut opposite the talented Tabu in Tarkieb.
Clue 3: Recently Starred in a critically acclaimed Japanese film by Nalin Pan, called “Valley of Flowers” (Japanese Title: Hana no Mati)
Clue 4: Recently in News for the Court Proceedings due to an advertisement Controversy, which involved himself posing with stringent clothing for a shoe brand called, “Tuff”.

(3)   M.S.SwamiNathan

Clue 1: He has been acclaimed by TIME magazine as one of the twenty most influential Asians of the 20th century and one of the only three from India, the other two being Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore. He has been described by the United Nations Environment Programme as "the Father of Economic Ecology"
Clue 2: Has a research Foundation under his Name in Chennai, whose motto is, “Aims to harness science and technology for environmentally sustainable and socially
equitable development” .
Clue 3: was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in 1971, the Albert Einstein World Science Award in 1986, and the first World Food Prize in 1987.
Clue 4: Recently (last month)Elected as the president of the “Pugwash Conference”( which is based on a Manifesto issued in 1955 by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein) being the first from person from the third world to be given such a recognition.

Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul,

Clue 1: born August 17, 1932, in Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago. He is regarded as  a Trinidadian-born British novelist of Hindu heritage and Indo-Trinidadian ethnicity.
Clue 2: His prominent support for Hindutva has also been controversial. He has been quoted describing the destruction of the Babri Mosque as a "creative passion", and the invasion of Babur in the 16th century as a "mortal wound".
Clue 3: His most recent book, “Magic Seeds”, did not stir any Controversies compared to his previous critically acclaimed and critized novels on Fiction and Travel Writing and essays.
Clue 4: Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2001, and also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

(5)   Dhyan Chand

Clue1: When accosted by Hitler, he told him he was a sepoy in the Indian army, Hitler replied: "If you were a German, I would have made you at least a major-general.
Clue 2: They broke his Instrument in Holland to check for a magnet; the Japanese  decided that it was completely magical or he used super-glue.
Clue 3: A Vienna sports club has a statue of his, depicting him with four arms holding four hockey sticks.
Clue 4: His quicksilver agility on the field as a centre-forward and captain of the Indian hockey team became legendary. It earned him the name 'hockey wizard'. He played a stellar role in its win in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. In the 1936 Berlin Games, Dhyan Chand was the captain and led India to victory over Germany in the final. Out of the 338 goals scored by the Indians in 37 matches in 1932, Dhyan Chand contributed an astounding 133. In short he gave India it’s 3 Gold Medals in Hockey.

 (6)   Kalki

Clue 1: Born on September 9, 1899 at Puttamangalam in the Thanjavur district in an orthodox, large Brahmin family , joined the National High School at Tiruchi, about 100 km away
Clue 2: When Mahatma Gandhi launched his Non-Cooperation Movement in 1921, thousands of students gave up their studies to participate in the movement. he was one among them. With the Secondary School Leaving Certificate examination just three months away, he left school and joined the Indian National Congress.
Clue 3: In 1941 he left Ananda Vikatan and rejoined the freedom struggle and courted arrest. On his release after three months he and Sadasivam started the weekly. He was its editor until his death on December 5, 1954.
Clue 4: His Psuedonym is based on a famous Avatar in Hindu Mythology and also a Tribute to his mentor, “Kalayana Sundaram Mudaliar”.

Round 3: was AMUL Hoardings...
Description: we had a few Amul Hoardings and the audience were asked to guess, which Event was it corresponding with.
you can get the complete list of hoarding from the following site :-

Round 4: Sports Round
Unfortunately Yeda has his share of the Questions, and they shall be uploaded as soon as possible.

Round 5: Fast Forward
Again, I can't put across these Questions as they are not being able to be displayed properly.

Round 6:  Pot-Pourrie
Yeda, again has absconded with his set of Questions, and this round shall look incomplete without them.. so have post-poned updating this set of Questions too.


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August 23, 2005   09:21 AM PDT
Thanks dude..
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August 20, 2005   09:35 AM PDT
nice job.

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