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Friday, August 05, 2005
Shishya School - Chennai Quiz

One of my First ever School Quizzes, Amazing Rounds and Exotic Quizzers... Keeing in mind the general trend among School Students, i had compiled a list of almost easy but still with an Amazing Trivia insight ...

of course also refer to http://adquiz.blogspot.com for an amazing dosage of weekly Quizzes

Shishya School Quiz Finals (Rounds include: General Knowledge, 4 Clues, Pot Pourrie, SuperBrands, Rapid Fire)

Duration: 1 Hr

Winners: PSBB KK Nagar

General Knowledge (Organized as 2 Questions from each Latest Event)

(1)a. VH1… doesn’t the name just sound as manna from Heaven for the CAS Starved Chennai city? Now VH1 India is a collaboration between 2 Entertainment Giants, one of them is MTV and the other is _________ (VIACOM entertainment limited)

b. Titled, as “THE LONG WALK TO JUSTICE”, “WE DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY, WE WANT YOUR VOICE”, “MAKE POVERTY HISTORY” and other Strong hitting Punch Lines. Had more than 1,000 musicians, broadcasted across 182 television and 2,000 radio networks. Initially referred to as the LIVE AID 2, it’s name was changed to the Current appellation.. WHAT mammoth event are we talking about, and what does the current name of the event signify?
Ans: LIVE8 concerts, this was done to create awareness about Small-Pox, Debt relief, etc to the African nations, when the leaders of the TOP Rich nations are going to meet at the G8 summit held at Gleneagles.

(2) a. The U.S Grand Prix, held at Indianapolis Circuit was anything but Grand..  What started with full cavalry of Drivers, suddenly had a drop wherein 14 drivers across 7 Teams pulled out of the Race, allowing Shumacher to gain a Hollow Victory over 6 other drivers. This incident became branded as the Race that ended in a Farce.

Now, let’s come to your Question : This Entire Mess-up is attributed to a Tyre Company, Identify the Tyre Company, and give me the proper FUNDA ?

Ans: Michelien, the Final Corner of the IndianaPolis Track  caused Crash for both of TOYOTA drivers Ralf Schumacher and Ricardo during intial test rides. According to the FIA rules neither could they change the Tires nor could they put chicane on this last corner.

b. Get me the position with which India’s Naraian Karthikkeyan finished in this Race ?

Ans: 4th , and he earned his first F1 points (pretty Ironic)
The Order goes like this : Micheal Schumacher followed by Barrichello of Ferrari.
Then came Monteiro Followed by our own Narain both belonging to Jordon-Toyota. At last were the 2 Drivers of Minardi-Cosworth.

(3) a. Pretty Straight forward Question: Name Pakistan’s first Indigenous Car, with regards to Latest Trends?

Ans: REVO, short for Revolution manufactured by ADAM Motors.

b. Connect Q: If it is Meheran in Pakistan, what is it in India ?

Ans: Maruti 800


(4) a. For the E-Generation(E= Ekta kapur). Recently a famous producer and director, who owns the production company “Four Frames” joined the Board of Directors for RADAAN productions. Name him ?

Ans: priyadarshan

b. After the phenomenal Success of Chitti in Tamil, Radaan also forayed into the National Market by producing a Hindi Version of Chitti called, “Chotti Ma- Ek Anokha Bandan” Now you guys have to give me the name of the Television Channel that Broadcasted this Tear-Jerker?

Ans: Zee TV

 (5)a. Audio : Tune of Oye Bubbly , Name the Music director ?

Ans: Sudesh Bhosle (Singer) Vishal Shekar (Music Director) Soumitra Kamik (Lyricist ) incidentally it is a Take off from , DEEP FOREST’s Tokyo Street.

 b. Audio: Lajjawatiye Tune ? Incidentally the Singer and the Music director are one and the Same ..

Ans: Jassie Gift

 (6)a. 8th January 2005,the Momentous day  ______ takes of from CAPE Canaveral, Florida in lieu of it’s 452 Million Km, 6 month Journey. Pretty recently it reached it’s destination causing an unprecented Hype and news. Name the Object which took off and it’s destination ?

Ans: US DEEP IMPACT Space Craft and the Destination was Temple 1.

b. When did it reach the destination and what is the significance ?

Ans: 4th july 5:50 GMT, and Independence Day of America.

(7) Book’s and Authors:
a. Who’s latest book is “The Argumentative Indian – Writing on Indian History,Culture and identity” released on 2nd July, 2005 which also includes an essay titled, “India:Large and Small” ?

Ans: Amartya Sen

b. collections of Essays, once again: Name Arundathi Roy’s Latest Book  ?

Ans: An Ordinary Person’s Guide to the Empire. Co-written by Ashwin Desai

Connect ( 4 Clues)

a)  Founded and Launched by Col. Gopinath, on 29/11/2003, based on Principals of SouthWest Airlines of US
      Ace Tennis Star Vijay AmritRaj is also in the Board of Directors of this company.
      Simplify, is my ad-Baseline.
      Very Recently R.K.Lakshman’s  Common man became my Brand Ambassador
Ans: Air Deccan.
(Southwest Airlines (US).Founded in Dallas Texas on June 18, 1971 by Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines offered tickets that worked out to be cheaper than a car or coach ride. First pioneering the World’s First Low cost Airline.)


a) Connect Pure Design, Mario Garcia, Interstate, Chronicle.
b) G Subramania Aiyer, M Veeraraghavachar, T T Rangachariar, P V Rangachariar, D Kesava Rao,
N Subbarao Pantulu
c) The national Press Building at 100, Mount Road where it all began.
It's crest(logo) which is in place right from September 20, 1878 depicts a lion and a unicorn. It's motto in Latin is "Dieu et mon Droit". In 1935, it changed its crest.
Ans: “The Hindu”
Mario Garcia’s who’s Design philosophy is “Pure Design” when called to re-design The Hindu used the fonts Interstate & Chronicle.Iyer, Raghavachar,etc were the Triplicane 6 who founded HINDU on Sep 20, 1878.
Their First building was Press Building at 100, Mount Road.

a) Produced films such as “Chura Liya Hai Tumne” and “ Na Tum Jano na Hum”; remember they are not conventional Production Companies we are talking about .
b) Founded by Kishore Biyani,a commerce graduate with a post-graduate diploma in marketing. He first launched Manz Wear Pvt. Ltd. its first jeans brand, 'Bare.' On September 20, 1991, Manz Wear Pvt. Ltd., went public and on September 25, 1992, it changed its name to it’s current name.
c) Recently unveiled a Customer Loyalty Program called, “The Kid’s Bank”. Partnered with a leading NGO called, Concern India Foundation, wherein all jeans collected during their Exchange offer would be donated to the lesser privileged.
d) In June 2004, they opened it’s first Central Mall, called “Bangalore Central”  with the Tagline, “Shop, eat and celebrate”.

Ans: Pantaloons


a) The Music of One of the Songs from this Film is apparently partly inspired  from an 1956 MGR-Banumati starrer, “Alibaba & 40 Thieves” and the original song being, “ChinnanChiru Chitte”
b) First Indian Movie to be brought over by Paramount Pictures to be dubbed in French.
c) The Tag-line goes as “He who comes from hell is not afraid of hot ashes”
d) The Story however is supposedly taken from Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell me your Dreams” 
Ans: Anniyan
The Song Andakkaka is taken from the old MGR starrer, “Alibaba and 40 thieves”.


a) Middle name of this software genius is ‘Benedict’
b) Patricia and daniela are his two  lovely daughters. His two obsessions are drinking Guinness beer and shooting pistols, but not mixing them together. He also enjoys driving his Mercedes SLK 32 AMG, apparently has a life unlike other Software professionals.
c) His website is titled, “WWW-illiterate”.
d) Is currently working at Transmeta Corporation and is often Associated with the Brand Image of a Penguin.
Ans : Linus Torvalds


Connect the following adlines with an Indian Corporation.
) because Bridgette Bardot isn't the only french must see.
discover the rarest treasure - yourself
monday - french leave weekend - make a french friend
why do more men turn up with a french beard on mondays ?


Shishya School Pot-pourrie

Singara Chennai

(1)   German Warship "Emden" bombed Madras during the First World War, but not much damage was done. There is a plaque at the place where the bombs fell. Where is the plaque located?

Ans: It is at the High Court, more specifically, it is on the wall of the high court campus, and the plaque can be seen if one comes from NSC Bose road and goes towards Anderson Street.  

(2)   Most of you know that what is now called as TTK Road was earlier called Mowbray's Road. And if I ask you why, you will guess that one Mr. Mowbray lived there and you would be right too.
So, what is present now at the location of Mr. Mowbray's house on Mowbray's Road?

Ans: Madras Club.

(3)   After what institution is the College Road in Chennai named After as “College Road”?

Ans: College of Fort St. George. Established in 1812, long before the Museum or the  WCC

(4)   Chindadripet in Chennai is known as the World capital for this particular Game, What ?

Ans: carom Board.


Cities & Countries

(1)   Sugar Bowl of the World

Ans: Cuba

(2)   Description of a City :-

“Where the blowing winds from the seven peaks of Anatolian Olympos merge into each other...
Where Amazon's cooled their bodies in the waves that break apart from the Black Sea and roll mightily against the shore ...
Where love is symbolized in the Tower of Leandros ... “

One of it’s earlier historical names was Byzantine or Constantinople.

Ans: Istanbul

(3)   Which City connects the Following :

a.      Titanic the ship

b.      Rubber Tyres

c.       Milk of Magnesia

d.      NRI Lord of British empire and of hotel business

 The first three connects the city with one of their milestone events in their respective history of evolution. The city is of course the centre of operation of the NRI Baron..

Ans: Well the answer is Ireland's BELFAST. This is the city where Titanic was built, J B Dunlop did his bits on pneumatic rubber tyres and Milk of Magnesia was formulated by Sir James Murray. This is the place of operation of LORD DILJEET RANA.


(4)   The name of this city is derived from Goddess of power known as Shri Chandika.

Nehru famously proclaimed this city to be "unfettered by the traditions of the past, a symbol of the nation's faith in the future."

Le Corbusier was responsible for the overall master plan of the city, and the design of some of the major public buidings.

One of the unusual features are the gardens with a different fetish.

Ans: Chandigarh. Rock Gardens from Nek Chand.



(1)   Which Book has chapters such as “Machiavellian Methods”, ‘Pretending to work” and “Engineers, Scientists, Programmers and other odd people”?

Ans: The Dilbert Principle.

(2)    Madrake the magician’s Home is located here ?

Ans: Xanadu

(3)    Give me Superman’s original name, the one he had even before landing on earth as a baby ?

Ans: Kal-El

(4)   Name the Creators of Asterix and Obelix ?

Ans: Goscinny, Uderzo

Extra: (1) Name the Indian Fakir, who helps Asterix in “Asterix and the Magic Carpet” ?

            Ans: Whatz-his-name




(1) David J. Bradley of IBM took just 5 mins to code a chunk of program called the "Three Fingered Salute" in 1981.... Millions use it today in case of desperation... What are we talking about....

Ans: The combination of Ctrl+Alt+Del keys that causes the system to


(2) If you are in Infinite Bay loop Area, where are you in ?

Ans: Apple’s Head-Quarters in Sillicon Valley.

(3) A word origin question: William Gibson, in his famous novel Necromancer, coined a word that has become very popular. What word?
Ans: Cyberspace

(4) Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen first designed a program that could analyze traffic counts by machine so that counties could get govt funding for road projects. Name their First Product ?


Extra: (1) Where would you find characters called "Inky" "Pinky" "Blinky" and "Clyde" ?
A. In the game Pacman


Page 3


(1)   After a very famous Celebrity Divorce, who said, “I can finally wear High heels” ?

Ans: Nicole Kidman.

(2)   Won the Miss Chinese-American Paegent in 1991. Got the 2nd Prize in the Asian equivalent of “American Idol”. Appeared for the 73rd Annual Academy Award for the Theme song – “A Love Before Time” for Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon”, and is now titled as the next best thing in India after TATA Young, name this very talented Female ?

Ans: COCO Lee

(3)   India’s First “Indian Idol” … Name him

Ans: Abijit Sawant, of the Aapka Abhijit Sawant fame.

(4)   Recently his wife, Simone deserted him and has applied for Divorce on the grounds of Extra-marital affair. Name this Cricketing Super-star who’s glory days have become just another dot in the Horizon .

Ans: Shane Warne.





(1)   A british Writer, born in Trinidad. His parents descended from North India. Emerging from a Family working in Sugar-cane plantation he went on to prove that his Pen is mightier than any sword by winning the Nobel prize for literature and also a Booker. Not to be outdone, he was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. His outstanding novel based on his Father’s life is titled, “A House for Mr.Biswas” Name the person ?

Ans: V.S.Naipaul.

(2)     After correctly spelling “appoggiatura”, a type of musical note. This Indian Kiddo went on to win the 78th Annual Spelling Bee Contest, name him ?

Ans: Anurag Kashyap.

(3)   Though he lost his seat at the Lok Sabha from South Delhi in 1999, under a brilliant political Manoever he took up residence at the then C.M of Orrisa’s place to contest and win the Rajya Sabha Ticket from there. Which honest and Upright politician are we talking about ?

Ans: Manmohan Singh.

(4)Born in 1956 in Papanasam, India,. By the age of seventeen, he obtained an Advanced Degree in Modern Physics, and was also a well renowed Scholar of the Vedic Literature.Founder of the Art of Living and International Association of Human values across 146 countries in the globe. Whom are we talking about ?

Ans: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  (I have left out a few Rounds on Super Brands and Rapid Fire   … unfortunately, they are not been able to be displayedin proper Format …)
Shall Put them across when Time permits..

-  Alpha

Posted at 04:31 am by deepak1283

September 16, 2013   07:10 AM PDT
this was a awesome site thanks http://tubelaunch8503.blogdrive.com
August 28, 2005   09:39 PM PDT
The Only Glory Days I remember is : Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days..
Not too much of Sport's Trivia Enthusiast dude.. but it would be great if you could put across the answers..
August 28, 2005   09:38 PM PDT
Hey Aaman .. I checked i framed the Question after coming across it in VH1's web-site dude..
So, I must have mis-read it ... Thx.. ;-)
August 18, 2005   10:42 AM PDT
Dude, your question about Viacom is not good - Viacom owns BOTH MTV and VH1 - so it's not a collaboration between MTV and Viacom

Good questions, otherwise
August 18, 2005   10:13 AM PDT
Name this Cricketing Super-star who’s glory days have become just another dot in the Horizon .

:))) Glory days are back again.

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